• The cost for the fall baseball program is $100 for the season.

• The season will begin the week after Labor Day and finish at the end of October/beginning of November.


The focus of fall ball is to endeavor to develop our players' skills to better enable players to advance a level for next spring season, and to allow for greater success on the ball field once the spring arrives.  As such, the focus of each of our fall ball programs is on player development, with our younger players furthering their skills in kid-pitch baseball, and our older players adjusting to a larger field size and developing their understanding of the nuances of the game at the scholastic level (i.e., pitching from the stretch and the windup, running the bases when there are pickoff moves, etc.).  Consequently, each of our fall ball levels includes a practice component, and our younger levels will also include regular instructional clinics.

Additionally, RWLL understands that traditional fall sports may take priority over fall baseball.  Thus, RWLL will endeavor to work around conflicts (particularly those affecting multiple players), and will do our utmost accommodate players whenever their schedules allow them to make it to games and practices throughout the fall season, without prejudice to any player for missed time.

8 Year Old Division (birthdates 9/1/14-8/31/15)

We intend to offer regular/weekly clinics, with some instructional game play and the introduction of kid-pitching, for our players who are rising LL age 8.  Please also see the note below in our 9-10 division section as an option for our 8 year old players.  Please note that District 27, of which RWLL is a member, does not offer fall ball play for 8U players.

9-10 (and 8) Year Old Division (birthdates from 9/1/12-8/31/14)

We will also offer league game-play, with a weekly practice component (likely 1-2 weeknights per week, as daylight permits), as well as several clinics, for our players ages 9-10.  This league play will occur in either in a LL District 27-wide league (travel of less than 35 minutes for away games; games are against other teams from other leagues in LL District 27 on a schedule set by District 27) or, if sufficient numbers of registrations are received, in a fully in-house RWLL league. If the league is fully in-house to RWLL, we will endeavor, where and to the extent possible, to set a schedule that avoids conflicts with other Radnor fall sports.

Furthermore, given feedback from 2021, we understand that some of our 8 year old players faced challenges last year in the 9-10 year old league, and consequently we are offering the aforementioned clinics this year for our 8U-10U players.  Nevertheless, we will accept 8 year old players in our 9-10 division, should you wish your player to play in a league with a greater focus on regular game play (please note that this 9-10 division will be a fully kid-pitch division).  Accordingly, if you are registering an 8 year old player, we'd ask that you please select for your player the "clinics-only" or "league-play" option.

11-13 Year Old Division (birthdates from 9/1/09 – 8/31/12)

As we have in years past, we will also offer a fully in-house to RWLL league, with league game-play and a regular practice component (likely 1-2 weeknights per week, as daylight permits), at the Intermediate field size (the 50/70 field) for our players ages 11-13 (Little League's age-defined "Intermediate Division"), based on sufficient registrations to make this offering. This league will introduce players to the different playing rules on the bigger fields, which are more akin to the rules in middle school and high school baseball.  In this league RWLL will endeavor, where and to the extent possible, to set a schedule that avoids conflicts with other Radnor fall sports.

14 Year Old Division (birthdates 9/1/08 – 8/31/09)

If there is sufficient interest, we will also enter an RWLL juniors fall team in the LL District 27-wide juniors league (travel of up to 35 minutes for away games).  This team will play using Juniors League International rules on the big field (the 60/90 field) against other teams from District 27 and/or other surrounding Little League districts, on a schedule set by District 27.

Important RWLL guidelines:

• All players must either reside in, or attend a school located in, Radnor Township.

• Actual baseball divisions fielded and number of teams will be based on player sign-ups and coach availability, and will be at the sole discretion of RWLL.

The success of our RWLL, as always, depends on parent involvement and support. We need many parents to help volunteer as coaches, assistant coaches, division coordinators and various other roles (many of which require little to no prior baseball experience). If interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities, please contact

We look forward to a great fall season with a fun, relaxed environment that allows for all levels of skill to enjoy playing and learning. Parents are strongly encouraged to register players as soon as possible, before spots fill up.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!  Feel free to reach out to us at with any questions.