A        Overall Objective:

1)      Post season tournament play shall remain a positive experience for all selected players. 

2)      While tournament play by nature is more competitive, the goal for RWLL teams remains to field competitive teams, but co-equal goals are player development and sportsmanship. 


B        Entry of Teams:

1)      The maximum number of teams that can be entered in each Little League Age division are specified by the District 27 Administrator.

2)      The RWLL Baseball/Softball Commissioner, in conjunction with the RWLL President and each League Director, will determine the number of teams that will be entered in District 27 tournaments.

3)      Any tournament teams that are assembled outside the official Little League structure to play in non-sanctioned Little League tournaments must comply with the following rules if RWLL tournament players are on the roster:

(a)    RWLL will have no liability for these teams. Insurance will be provided the individual team.

(b)   These teams must not enter in tournaments that conflict or overlap with any of the District 27 tournaments. No player will be permitted to play on both a RWLL District 27 team and any other tournament/travel team if the dates of the tournament/games overlap District play.


C        RWLL Player Eligibility for District 27 Tournament Play

1)      All players must have played in at least 60 percent of their regular season games, per Little League tournament rules. Players not meeting this criterion are ineligible for post season play.

2)      Players must have unrestricted availability for the tournament dates set forth by the District 27 Administrator for the appropriate team which they are selected and must be available for at least 80 percent of any practices that are conducted prior to the tournament start.  If a player cannot meet these commitments, he will be ineligible for tournament consideration. Parents must attest to the player’s availability prior to or at the tryouts.

3)      Any player that is placed on a tournament roster and then subsequently no longer participates on that team, unless participation is limited by injury, will be ineligible for consideration in the following season's tournament play.

4)      In accordance with Little League International rules, RWLL intends to field International Tournament teams in the following divisions: Juniors (13-14 YO), Little League (11-12 YO), 10-11 YO, 9-10 YO and 9 YO. Teams will be selected based upon the criteria established herein.  Except in Juniors, players are presumed to be considered only for selection on the team for which the maximum age matches the player's Little League Age, i.e., 9 YO's considered for 9 YO teams, 10 YO's considered for 9-10 team, 11 YO's for 10-11 team, etc.      

RWLL applies the following rules for players who are younger than the maximum age in order for them to be selected to the “older” team:

(a)    Players who are younger than the maximum age of a tournament team, may be selected to an “older” age team, provided that the player is planned to be one of the starting players on the “older” team. 

(b)   Players must be invited to tryout for an “older” team.  Prior to such an invitation being issued, the Commissioner must be advised after the  League Director for the “younger” age group AND the “older” age group have discussed the invitation. 

(c)    Younger players will not be brought up for the sake of the “experience” or to fill a limited positional role, i.e. pinch runner, pinch hitter, etc.

(d)   All 9YO, regardless of league placement, are eligible for consideration on the 9YO teams.

(e)   Due to the creation, by Little League International's rule changes, of an exceptionally large “class” of players with DOB 5/1/2005-8/31/2006, special consideration should be given to maximize the playing opportunities for all boys in this age group.

D        Player Selection Process:

1)      A player’s performance during the regular season will be the primary basis for selection to a tournament team. Those players with the best overall season’s performance will be rewarded for their regular season performance.

2)      The methods to determine a player’s performance during the regular season will consist of

(a)   the ratings from their coaches which will include a player’s offensive and pitching statistics.

(b)   observation of other coaches  

3)      Tryouts- Players who meet the Little League tournament eligibility requirements are eligible to attend tournament tryouts. EXCEPTION—Rule 4 b., above, regarding players trying out for “older” teams.

(a)   Tryouts will be conducted under the supervision of the League Director and the RWLL Commissioner/ Asst Commissioner (when possible)

(b)   There will be a minimum of two tryout evaluations (weather and schedule permitting).

4)    Each player should make every attempt to make all tryouts/evaluations.

5)    Players that cannot make a tryout must notify the League Director in advance, including the reason why they are unable to attend. 

6)    Players attending tryouts must commit their availability for tournament dates in writing. Any known absences must be stated and these absences will be factored into the selection process.

(a)   Evaluation panel- will consist of the head coaches of the league (not less than 5 head coaches), League Director and tournament team manager. Each member will independently evaluate each player. 

(b)   Assistant Coaches will conduct the on field tryouts.

(c)   The Evaluation Panel that observes the tryouts will evaluate and select the members of the team based on:

(1)    Season performance 

(2)    Tryout performance

(3)    Input from the assistant coaching staff who conducted the tryouts.

(4)    Past tournament experience and performance.

7)    At the completion of the tryouts, the Evaluation Panel will conduct a meeting for the purpose of selecting the team based on each member’s independent evaluation.

8)    The roster of each team will be sent  for approval to the RWLL Baseball/Softball Commissioner, who will consult with the RWLL President/Player Agent before approving the roster.  Any issues with the roster selection will be resolved prior to the approval of the Player Affidavit.  After the final roster is approved, the Player Agent will sign the Player Affidavit.  The names of the roster will not be released until the Player Affidavit is approved and signed. 

E         Coaching Staff Selection: 

1)      Only the tournament team manager will be selected prior to the tryouts. The tournament team manager will be selected by the appropriate League Director and is subject to the approval of the RWLL Baseball/Softball Commissioner, who will consult with the RWLL President before approving the manager.

2)      After the determination of the roster players has been made, the remaining tournament coaching staff will be selected.  All coaches are subject to the approval of the RWLL Baseball/Softball Commissioner, who will consult with the RWLL President before approving the coaches.

3)      Any coach wishing to be considered for selection to the tournament coaching staff must submit that request in writing to the League Director prior to the completion of the roster selection process. 

4)      The process for selecting the coaching staff will be as follows:

(a)   First and foremost, any candidate, including the team manager that desires to be a member of the tournament coaching staff must be able to represent RWLL positively.  

(b)   Any coach who has had player or parental concerns expressed and validated by any league official concerning their coaching mannerism and behavior on the field during the regular season is ineligible to coach in the post season.

(c)   Regular season team performance will have no bearing on selection to the tournament team coaching staff.

(d)   The selection of the tournament coaching staff will made by the League Director with input from the team manager. The selection of the tournament team coaching staff must be approved by the RWLL Baseball/Softball Commissioner, who will consult with the RWLL President before approving the coaching staff, prior to the announcement of the coaching staff. 

(e)   The League Director will consider the following factors when selecting the coaching staff:

(1)    Coach’s availability for practices and tournament dates.

(2)    Previous tournament coaching experience.

(3)    Coach’s involvement in RWLL and number of years coaching in the league.

(4)    Observed coach’s demeanor and rapport with players while on the field.

(5)    Coach’s general understanding of baseball/softball rules and ability to instruct players.

(6)    Input from the regular season coaches.

(f)   Coaches not selected to be part of the official coaching staff are encouraged to volunteer to assist the coaching staff during practices as deemed appropriate by the manager of the team.