2016 Spring Recap


The purpose of this email is to close the book on the 2016 season, offer guidance for registration for the fall and next spring, and to provide information regarding feedback and new leadership opportunities.  I apologize for its length, but want all to have this important information before the season is too far behind us.



Thanks to all of the players, coaches, families and volunteers that made this season so rewarding. This weekend at Encke was a celebration of baseball and softball and was a terrific way to end the season.  Special thanks to all of the parents and children who watered fields, raked, umpired, worked the snack bar and/or coached the children, etc.  As Commissioner Curley said yesterday, RWLL has great strength in its volunteers.  Thank you.


League directors Bill Marx, Kirk Rebane, Dan Dilella, Ed Monahan, Scott Miltenberger, Gary Havertine, David Engstrom and Jerry Van Horn devoted countless hours to running each of our divisions and without their efforts, there simply would not have been baseball in Radnor Twp. Thanks, gentlemen.


Thanks for the tremendous support of Radnor Twp and donors to the Encke project, without whom these wonderful additions would not have occurred. 


Lastly, RWLL has been so fortunate to have Bill Quinn as its President.  Bill is a tireless advocate for the ball-playing children of Radnor and for setting RWLL's mission to develop good citizens, as well as ballplayers.  No individual put more time, effort and care into the Encke renovations.  Bill met with contractors, adjusted plans, engaged in fundraising, coordinated with the Township, provided supervision and even manual labor, spending hundreds of hours on the project.  New Yorkers referred to Yankee Stadium as the "House that (Babe) Ruth Built".  In my book, the new Encke facilities will always be the "House that Quinn Built".  Thanks, Bill.



There are number of extremely valuable and critical members of our leadership team that will be leaving RWLL.  Of the 4 key folks responsible for baseball operations at Encke, 2 are leaving, 1 may leave and only 1 will return.  Without "new blood" weekends like this past one are in jeopardy.  The current leadership group and Board have guided RWLL extremely well, but as their children move on, so are they.  Current leadership is reorganizing these leadership roles to make them more manageable, so the time commitment will not be overwhelming for future leaders.


2017 is a key time for the next generation of RWLL leaders to become involved and shape the program to best serve their children and those that will follow.  Anyone interested in contributing to our leadership group, please contact me atBillRemphrey@RWLL.org or Bill Quinn BillQuinn@RWLL.org


We hope to send a survey monkey out for folks to provide feedback.  Feel free to provide that feedback to me as well.  Positive, negative, and constructive feedback are always welcome, provided they are respectfully provided.  RWLL is for all of our children's benefit and RWLL is always interested in improving that experience.



Registrations will be opened between July 15 and July 26 and a link will be available at our website-  RWLL.org



We will open 2017 registration between January 1 and January 5, 2017.  We will send out reminders through Team Snap, but if you "quit" this year's teams, you might not receive those emails. Feel free to mark your calendars now.



Those players who played their last year in Majors this year have several options to continue playing baseball this fall and in 2017.  A separate email will be sent this week to the Majors families.



Radnor has 5 tournament baseball teams playing this month.  Tonight our 9 year olds go for win #2 at Encke--game time 600p.  All of the game schedules be accessed through padistrict27.org



Thanks again to all and have a great summer.