Coaches Corner

   Attention all coaches:  On Friday, April 10th there is a MANDATORY meeting for all coaches of RWLL at Encke Field on Iven Rd.


  Majors and Minors Coaches (only):  At 6:00pm there will be a brief meeting held at the Supply Shed to discuss and demonstrate the proper techniques for conducting field maintenance.   Topics will include inventory survey (where everything IS), field preparation, field cleanup post-game, proper usage and handling of baseball equipment bags, and general thoughts on how to keep our fields beautiful and functional.  This is a MUST for all coaches who need to be fully aware of the tools and their uses as we approach the season.



        ALL RWLL Coaches:  At 6:45, Our Safety Director, Jane Tobias, will provide a brief, and MANDATORY session on safety:  rules, guidelines, and general “what-to knows” in the case of accident or emergency.  Jane will also briefly discuss the RWLL Concussion policy.   Little League International cannot stress enough the need to have as many adults as possible made aware of the  need to be prepared and able to take action…just in case .